Lagrasse is located in the heart of the Corbieres wine region.

Approximate driving times are:

• 20 minutes from Lezignan
• 40 minutes from Carcassonne
• 35 minutes from Narbonne
• 1 hr 5mins from Perpignan
• 1hr 30mins from Montpellier
• 1hr 15mins from Toulouse
• 2hr from Girona
• 3hrs from Barcelona

International Airports
Toulouse and Barcelona

Regional Airports
Carcassonne, Montpellier, Perpignan and Girona (Spain)

Local trains from
Lezignan and Carcassonne

Long distance and high speed trains
(TGV) from Narbonne

Val d’Orbieu Taxi, Lagrasse

Car Rental
Most major rental companies are represented at all the airports and the major railway stations.